NPC for modeling in shop, bring life to RPSims and other needs

Add LCNPCFemale


Build as model for shops and also for RP sims to look more alive.

To let them play animations right click her lower face and choose touch a menu will open.

To change her animations simply open her content and drop animations inside (pls use short names without #) then open the Notecard data and add new line with Buttonname#Animationname save it and done.

She will get more skins and lashes as soon as possible.

If you have any problems pls contact Adamai Adjani.

Comes in high and low LI version:

naked                                  30LI low    35LI high

with Hair                            54LI low    59LI high

with hair, towel, dress     187LI low  192 high

Omega ready simply buy the scripts for omega (available in my shop) and drop them into content now you can use all omega skins.

You could also wear her as companion or avatar if really want this ;).

If you want to change her hair or clothes link them to her but be carefully  root prim must stay same as before ….limits for animesh youll find there:

She has 7186 triangles by herself without accessoires (hair, towel, dress) and eyes.

If you need her default skins to change anything or make alpha please send a notecard with your name (and email if you want the .png files)  to Adamai Adjani.



This mesh was created with avastar which uses the SL avatar using the CC-BY-3.0 license.


EZ-Pack Rezzer

I use two types of rezzers the Multi-scene Packager  and the EZ-Pack rezzer which is explained here:


Highlights of this rezzer:
– Fast rezzer! One click to rez/derez objects or individual items.
– Able to relocate individual rezzed item in any way you like, the rezzer will remember their latest position even after derez or reset.
– Move/rotate the rezzer to position your builds when UNLOCKED or LOCK the objects at their latest in-world position.
– Modify and save the rezzed items on the fly via viewer’s „SAVE BACK to OBJECTS CONTENT“ feature.
– Able to put object scripts to SLEEP mode for long term storage and future management.
– Guest access, great for landlords or demo.
To rez objects:
1. Click the rezzer and select the item you like to rez. Click „*Rez All“ will rez all objects found in the inventory.
2. After rezzing, you may relocate rezzed objects. Yes, the rezzer will remember their positions even after derez.
3. To derez, select the items from the „[rezzed]“ menu.
To store the changes made to the already rezzed items: (Requires MODIFY permission on the rezzer)
0. Rez your objects from the rezzer. If the rezzed items are in SLEEP mode, use the rezzer to wake the scripts.
For already rezzed items, place the corresponding rezzer, while in UNLOCK mode, rez a new set of builds to replace the existing ones.
1. Always backup your rezzer or the items in the EZ-Pack Rezzer before performing any change by dragging them to the inventory.
2. As long as the EZ-Pack Object Pin is inside the root prim, you may add/remove link set, resize, reshape, change texture and many other properties.
3. While the object is selected, select „Save Object Back to Object Contents“ from viewer’s „Tools“ dropdown menu.
4. Verify your results.
To store objects permanently in the SIM
1. Select „*Store“ on the options menu. After confirm your action, all scripts in the rezzed builds will be removed.
2. You may take away the EZ-Pack Rezzer.
To store objects temporarily in the SIM
1. Select „Lock“ from the options menu. You may select „SLEEP“ to put object scripts into sleep mode.
2. Rename the rezzer if applicable, then take back the EZ-Pack Rezzer.
Owner’s feature:
-Select „Options“ on the menu to access the following functions:
1. *Store*: Remove the object scripts from the rezzed objects for permanent storage.
2. Lock/Unlock: lock or unlock items at their in-world location. After locking, you may take back the rezzer for future usage. Position and rotation information are stored in Rezzer’s object description.
3. Sleep: When locked, you may force the object scripts inside the rezzed objects to sleep.
4. Wake: Wake the scripts to reposition. You must wake the object scripts before you can unlock their position.
5. Guest: Toggle public access. The default is off.
6. Reset: Reset rezzer when cross-talk between two rezzers happens.
7. Pos Sync: Turn position synchronization On/Off. When it is on, rezzer will remember the new location of the rezzed objects you manually relocate.

Feedbacks or comments, please send them to Machess Lemton.

Bed Curtains (only inworld)

-Rezzable adult playground with Color Change Hud and great poses.

-Different styles:
complete – 39 prims
small fire – 31 prims
fireless – 23 prims
daybed – 21 prims
daybed small fire – 13 prims
daybed fireless – 5 prims

– 9 Single Poses
– 4 Couple Poses
– Xcite Compatible (ToKon will come in future vers)

Note: Some animations are still static sure mostly the well moved animations looks much more better, but think about pictures…. for some special Moments also the old static are very good and so they are still inside.

– fire (off, high or low)
– curtains open when clicked
– color change for curtains, wood, matress and pillows
– automatic updates

Note: Some animations are still static sure mostly the well moved animations looks much more better, but think about pictures…. for some special Moments also the old static are very good and so they are still inside.

Luna Produktbild Bed MPS9