Multi-scene Packager

Thank you for choosing the Multi-scene Regional Rezzer v3.4 Copy/Transfer Edition

Use this Multi-scene rezzer to rez and switch between scenes! This is not a TEMP REZZER!

Highlights of this rezzer:
– Able to relocate rezzed objects in any way you like, the rezzer will remember their latest position even after derez or reset.
– One click to rez/derez scene/theme (you must have MOD and COPY permissions!).
– Guest or group access, great for landlords and store owners
– When unlocked, objects move/rotate with rezzer box. When locked, rezzer can be moved to any location in the same region.
– Sensor On/Off: Objects remain visible 24/7 or No show when no one is around!! Variable scan distance (5 ~ 96m).
– Modify the rezzed objects on the fly via SL Viewer’s „Save Object Back to Object Contents“ feature.

To rez a scene:

1. Click the rezzer and select the scene name you like to rez.
2. After rezzing, you can relocate rezzed objects. Yes, the rezzer will remember their positions even after derez.
3. Click different scene on the menu to switch.
4. To derez, select the scene from the „[rezzed]“ menu.
To make changes to the already rezzed items:

0. Always backup the items inside the Multi-scene rezzer by dragging them to the inventory before performing any change.
1. As long as the multi-rezzer pin script remains in the root prim, you may add/remove link set, resize, reshape, change texture and many other properties.
2. While the object is selected, select „Save Object Back to Object Contents“ from the „Tools“ dropdown menu.
3. Delete the modified object. If you miss this step you will have duplicated object in the SIM.
4. Verify your results.
Owner’s features:

-Select „Options“ on the menu to access the following functions:
1. Lock/Unlock: lock or unlock items at their regional location.
2. Guest: Toggle guest or group access. The default is off.
3. Sensor Off: Objects remain visible 24/7.
4. Sensor On: Objects only appear when avatar is detected.
5. Reset: Reset rezzer when cross-talk between two rezzers happens.
6. Hide/Unhide: Hide or unhide the rezzer. Please note that when rezzer is invisible, Pin sync will be turned off.
Remote control:

1. Place the remote control within 20 meter distance of the Multi-scene rezzer that you would like to control.
2. When successfully connected, a message „The remote Multi-scene Remote Control is ready to use.“ will appear.
3. Take the remote back to your inventory. Now you may place the paired remote any where in the SIM.
4. Please note that the remote only recognizes the rezzer by its UUID and therefore when the rezzer is removed from the SIM, you will have to pair them again.
Feedbacks or comments, please send them to Machess Lemton.


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